Friday, March 20, 2015

And life goes on

So much has happen in my life since the last post so I will begin with the happiness in my life..I have seen 3 of the grandchildren graduate for high school, one continues in college to become a teacher, another is working and has bought his first truck on his own, and the other is getting ready to graduate in college in business..What a joy to be here and to see this all happen. No great grand children yet but lots of nieces and nephews having beautiful children. My babies that are still in elementary are growing up fast, the boys very busy in sports, and my lil bundle of joy granddaughter is quite grown up with such an outstanding personality. My two middle ones are very sporty, sophomores in high school, and quite courageous two. I thank God for every day given to me to see all of this..Our farm continues to grow with 1 llama, 3 pigs, 9 cows, and 3 sheep. The winter was quite a challenge with us loosing a momma cow after birth and then having to bottle feed the calf..Lots of adventures for sure. Spring is around the corner and the garden and flower beds will be planted soon. So much to thankful for. My relationships with my family has continued to grow farther apart. Im lonely and missing the closeness we use to have. As before I never ment for them to leave me but only to know all would be good if I was gone. I haven't worked for a year because of health issues and had two major surgeries in that year. Now waiting on an early retirement and fighting for it. A very good friend moved away leaving another hole in my heart..I will miss her..I still think a lot about friends that have left, miss them dearly for sure. The struggles continue in life. Growing old is not fun for sure. I try to stay busy doing crafts but even find my self depressed with that. Marriage is failing with all the money problems and health issues. He continues to drink and marriage life has no joy. I guess its all hard for anyone to understand. I pray to God a lot for his guidance and help in knowing what to do. Ive missed writing and hope I will keep this up to date now. Will be glad to be back here.

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